The Enthroned Immortality Ring is a sinister beauty. This luxurious ring is feminine with an engaging hint of tough. A central garnet is the feature of this charming ring and catches the light with a blazing spark, however on closer inspection the deadly skulls become apparent. These ornate skulls are mesmerizing as they each have rubies set into their eyes. This incredible ring is further embellished with a black diamond on each side of the split shank in true William Llewellyn Griffiths style.



The Enthroned Immortality Ring is a luxurious one of a kind piece. This precious ring fits a size N and has been handcrafted in 9ct rose gold. Central to this impeccable ring is a 10mm, square garnet, set in a signature William Llewellyn Griffiths garland setting. Ornate skulls flank the garnet each with rubies set into their eyes the ring is completed with two black diamond set into either side of the split shank.

This delectable ring sits 9mm above the finger and measures 12.5mm at its widest point.

All pieces are made with love in William Llewellyn Griffiths’ Fitzroy, Melbourne studio.

PLEASE NOTE: This piece is a unique one-off ring. It is a size N. Get in contact with us if you would like a custom piece made just for you. Please allow 1-2 weeks production time, subject to stone availability. If you need something sooner, please let us know.


9ct rose gold, garnet, rubies, black diamonds



Size Guide

There are several different ring-sizing systems in use worldwide. Please contact us with your name and address if you are unsure of your size and we will send you a ring sizing gauge.

Choose which finger it is that you would like to wear the ring on and measure your size a few times to ensure you are getting a correct measurement.

Fingers swell at different times of the day and in different temperatures. It is for this reason that it is advised to measure your size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm and slightly swollen.

If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, it is a good idea to take two separate measurements and choose a size in between. This is to ensure that the ring fits over the knuckle, but isn’t too loose.

Diameter (mm)USUK & AUS
14.13F 1/2
14.33 1/4G
14.53 1/2G 1/2
14.73 3/4H
14.94H 1/2
15.14 1/4I
15.34 1/2I 1/2
15.54 3/4J
15.75J 1/2
15.95 1/4K
16.15 1/2K 1/2
16.35 3/4L
16.56L 1/2
16.76 1/4M
16.96 1/2M 1/2
17.16 3/4N
17.37N 1/2
17.57 1/4O
17.77 1/2O 1/2
17.97 3/4P
18.18P 1/2
18.38 1/4Q
18.58 1/2Q 1/2
18.88 3/4R
199R 1/2
19.29 1/4S
19.49 1/2S 1/2
19.69 3/4T
19.810T 1/2