The ELEUSINIAN PRINCESS RING is a dark splendour with a striking central Rhodolite Garnet that demands attention.
The open back setting allows for the culet of the incredible Rhodolite Garnet to rest upon the top of the wearers finger, touching the skin, directly, enhancing it’s healing and metaphysical properties. Energetically, emotionally and spiritually supporting the Base, Heart and Crown Chakras, correlating directly in hue to the colour of the heart.

The Eleusinian Princess Ring is an 18ct gold piece featuring an astonishing 16.5mm x 12.25mm Rhodolite Garnet, flanked by 4 cherry red rubies. The claws holding the garnet have each a white diamond embedded to draw the eye to the centre of this extravagant design. The hardware is black rhodium plated sterling silver encrusted with black diamonds, a bold visual contrast which creates extra vibrancy to these vividly coloured stones.

This piece is 41.15mm long and 28mm wide and sits 9.6mm above the finger
The Elusinian Princess ring is a one off piece made to fit a size R. If you would like a piece specially made for you or for someone special, please contact us.

Size Guide

There are several different ring-sizing systems in use worldwide. Please contact us with your name and address if you are unsure of your size and we will send you a ring sizing gauge. Choose which finger it is that you would like to wear the ring on and measure your size a few times to ensure you are getting a correct measurement. Fingers swell at different times of the day and in different temperatures. It is for this reason that it is advised to measure your size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm and slightly swollen. If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, it is a good idea to take two separate measurements and choose a size in between. This is to ensure that the ring fits over the knuckle, but isn’t too loose.

Diameter (mm)USUK & AUS
14.13F 1/2
14.33 1/4G
14.53 1/2G 1/2
14.73 3/4H
14.94H 1/2
15.14 1/4I
15.34 1/2I 1/2
15.54 3/4J
15.75J 1/2
15.95 1/4K
16.15 1/2K 1/2
16.35 3/4L
16.56L 1/2
16.76 1/4M
16.96 1/2M 1/2
17.16 3/4N
17.37N 1/2
17.57 1/4O
17.77 1/2O 1/2
17.97 3/4P
18.18P 1/2
18.38 1/4Q
18.58 1/2Q 1/2
18.88 3/4R
199R 1/2
19.29 1/4S
19.49 1/2S 1/2
19.69 3/4T
19.810T 1/2